We wish to encourage you to take full advantage of our pest control products and services. At MILLENNIUM TERMITE & PEST, we understand that you’ve got many choices in California when considering securing your loved ones and your home against pests. We appreciate the opportunity to earn you as a customer. We equally realize that in today’s recent climate, it is rather hard to come by a company that offers exceptional service along with a fair price. We’ve been dedicated to doing anything it requires in order to meet and surpass all of your desires and demands.

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This philosophy has made us to one of the TOP 100 Pest Companies in the country!


It is by using integrity and utmost regard for the environment, we are compelled to do anything within our power (included in the guidelines of State Laws) to improve the standard of living for your entire family and the neighborhood in which you are located. We will always strive to do away with unwanted pests that can potentially carry and transport hazardous illnesses to your spouse and children as well as “Protecting Life’s Biggest Investments… Your Home and Family.”

At MILLENNIUM TERMITE & PEST, customer support is everything. Our mission is to deliver our customers in the highest quality service at the best price achievable in California. To help better serve you, we are constantly seeking the most up-to-date pest exterminating or pest control advances along with the most effective products attainable. Our technicians have to fulfill many hours of ongoing educational courses and training seminars every year, which enables you to relax, knowing they have been competently trained, knowledgeable, and ready to supply you with the finest pest control services offered in California.

Pest Control Management

Pest Control Management has turned into a substantial industry in aiding to maintain the value of your dwelling and the wellness of one’s family. The 1st step to results-oriented pest management is to try to control the multiplying and survival potential for each pest. Such as taking away the food, water, protection, and entry points for rodents and pests, has a truly major effect on curbing pest and animal populations. In addition to proper product control programs, a longer-lasting and more considerable impact are generated.

At MILLENNIUM TERMITE & PEST, we only propose service that is best for your unique conditions. There is a wide variety of service solutions and service agreements, including Monthly, Bi-Monthly, and One-Shots. Also, in case you have any questions about employing liquid solutions around or on your premises, we have several choices such as lures, gels, traps, dusting, and granular products to address every one of your pest issues. Just remember, we’re here to serve you – and your concerns are our concerns.

When you schedule service with MILLENNIUM TERMITE & PEST, your technician will examine the interior and outside of your property first, because what he or she does previous to your service tends to make a significant difference. The fact is, your service program is going to be customized for you along with your home’s particular needs based upon a comprehensive inspection.

  • Interior: At the time of your initial service, we will target the pests currently hiding within your home’s cracks and crevices, including basements, crawl spaces, garage area, and attics.
  • Exterior: Because most pest situations start outdoors, your specialist recognizes and targets points of entry and lays down a protective buffer around your home to help keep unwanted pests out. This consists of servicing the foot of the entire exterior structure and not just the areas of concern.
  • Web Removal: We’ll eliminate the aggravating spider webs from the exterior of your home up to the first-floor eves. This not merely makes your premises free of webs; it can also dissuade spiders away from your property.
  • On-Going Service: Spiders, Weevils, Fleas, Ants, Roaches, Rats, Mice, you name it, while the weather varies, various pests will attack your home. No matter what time of year, MILLENNIUM TERMITE & PEST will be there to check, identify, and help protect your home against uninvited guests.

•If you are home throughout our visit, we’re able to examine and service not only the outside of your home; we can additionally service the interior as well.

•Even while you’re not home, we’ll continue to fortify your home’s protective barrier and manage any webs beginning to find their way back.

If you see pests inside your home while you’re a MILLENNIUM TERMITE & PEST customer, we’ll return to service your property at no additional charge—100% Guaranteed!

We at MILLENNIUM TERMITE & PEST take pride in remaining recognized as having the best pest control service currently available in California. This will continually be our Number one goal. Many thanks for taking an interest in us. You can rest assured that we will not let you, your family, or your home down.