The most effective way to treat drywood termites is to fumigate. Fumigating the property with Vikane® eliminates 100% of Drywood termites, which in result, reduces the colony. The reason why fumigating is superior over a spot treatment method is because a pest management professional would have to find every hidden colony in your property for a spot treatment to be effective; since termites hide inside the wood, often inaccessible to people, this task is nearly impossible. Spot treatments only offer temporary or partial results.

Here is how the fumigation process works:

  • After you have prepared your home, and have left it, the fumigation crew will cover your home with tarps or plastic sheeting – this is called “tenting” the home
  • A warning agent is released into the home as a precaution to ensure that all people have vacated
  • All doors are secured using deadbolts, additional locking devices or barricades to help prevent unauthorized entry.
  • Fumigation begins, gas fumigant is released into the home, filling all air spaces and voids in the wood, walls, and floor in order to reach all of the termite colonies in the structure
  • The tarps are removed and your home is aerated. Our fumigation professional will check the home with sophisticated equipment to ensure all of the gas fumigant has dissipated from the structure before authorizing re-entry

Although this is our most effective and recommended option for Drywood termites, depending on the specific problem, we may have a local (spot) treatment option available for those who do not want to fumigate. If you are interested in treating your property for Drywood termites, or are concerned that you may have termites, call MILLENNIUM TERMITE & PEST today for a free estimate.