We want to thank you for expressing interest in our inspection services. We know that as a realtor, your job is difficult, and our goal at MILLENNIUM TERMITE & PEST is to make your experience with us a pleasant one. We strive to make every effort in helping you in any way that we can. In recommending our inspection services, you will find that we will take your clients very seriously. We absolutely will not stand for work that is of low quality and will stand behind our work and inspections 100%. If you give us the opportunity, we will show your clients how much they can rely on your recommendations.

Reasons why you should schedule Inspections with MILLENNIUM TERMITE & PEST:

  • We have experience doing inspections for real estate transactions, refinances, VA loans, and routine limited inspections for homeowners who are not selling their home
  • All of our inspectors are licensed and thoroughly trained
  • Short turn around time for reports
  • A construction bid will be provided for every inspection that we do
  • If MILLENNIUM TERMITE & PEST completes all of the repair work, we will waive all supplemental and reinspection report fees
  • We have an in house construction crew that can do all of the construction repair work and clear the property within a short amount of time to meet help meet your closing date
  • As a complementary service to you, we will bid all of the work from the home inspection report if your client is interested in having the work done. Just send us a copy of the report, or mention that you are interested when scheduling, and we will make sure the inspector discusses it with you when at the time of inspection.
  • We have a pest control department and can offer a variety of services to meet all of your client’s pest control needs

How to Prepare for an Inspection:

To avoid additional charges or potential delays in the report, it is crucial that both you and your client prepare for the scheduled inspection; here are some tips on how to do so:

  • Move all storage at least one foot from the garage interior walls
  • Remove any storage that may be up against the exterior of the house
  • Remove all items from under the household sinks
  • If your house has an attic, make sure access is available
  • Raised foundations require us to crawl under the home, so make sure access to the subarea is available
  • Make sure the water is turned on at the property
  • Make sure we have access to the property for the scheduled appointment time and allow 1-2 hours for the inspector to complete the inspection

Inspection Diagram 2

Construction Repairs:

MILLENNIUM TERMITE & PEST is licensed and trained in these types of structural repairs. If we discover any wood-destroying organisms during your inspection, we can implement an effective repair plan.

Professionalism, knowledge, understanding, and concern are some of the advantages when using MILLENNIUM TERMITE & PEST. Using a reputable company that is licensed and in good standing – not only with the State Contractors License Board but also with the Structural Pest Control Board and the BBB – is very important. What most people don’t know is that these types of repairs involve specialized training and experience. The average Contractor/Handyman does not have the training or experience that is necessary for these skilled repairs. Our repair specialists have many years of training specific to our field, extensive in-house training, and a robust supervision process.

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Termite Applications:

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