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If you’ve been looking for a Roseville termite company to help get rid of your termite problem, then you’ve come to the right place!

Here at Millennium Termite & Pest, we pride ourselves on being the go-to Roseville termite control company. Our pest control specialists have the training, experience, and knowledge needed to handle your termite infestation quickly, affordably, and professionally. So, if you’ve been looking for someone to help with Roseville termite control, then please don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule service today!

The First Step is Always a Termite Inspection

Before we can eradicate your termite infestation, we’ll first have to perform a thorough termite inspection on your property. Doing so allows us to know the full extent of your infestation problem. Otherwise, we may treat one area of infestation to have to come back in a week to address another area that we missed. During a typical termite inspection, our specialists will:

  • Visually inspect the entire interior of your home or business for any small sign of termites
  • Inspect the entirety of the exterior of your home for signs of termites
  • Visually inspect subspaces and crawlspaces in your home (like attics and basements) for additional signs of termites

In general, a termite inspection only takes around an hour. However, that obviously depends on the size of the building being inspected as well as the extent of the building’s termite problem.

Next, We Need to Determine the Type of Termites You Have

To accurately prescribe treatments for your termites, our Roseville termite company will need to know what species they are. There are several different species of termites found throughout Roseville, including:

  • Subterranean Termites
  • Drywood Termites
  • Dampwood Termites

Expert Termite Removal in Roseville, CA

Once we have determined the species of termites you have, and the extent of your infestation, it’s time to begin procedures for termite removal in Roseville. Generally, Roseville termite control can be broken down into three different categories. Those categories are:


Fumigation is the process of covering your home or business with a tent and then filling the said tent with misted pesticides. Those pesticides will find their way into every nook and cranny in your building and eliminate any termites on the property. Fumigation is the recommended treatment method for drywood and dampwood termites.

The Sentricon Bait System

Another method for removing termites is the Sentricon Bait System. The Sentricon Bait System involves placing poisoned termite bait anywhere that worker termites are found feeding. Then, the workers take the poisoned bait back to the colony to share with its colony mates. With repeated applications, the Sentricon Bait System will eradicate the infestation from the inside out. The Sentricon Bait System is the recommended termite removal method for subterranean termites.

Spot Treatment

Spot treatment termite removal in Roseville involves applying pesticides to the colony and food sources directly. Spot treatments need to be used regularly to remain effective. Spot treatments are best for small subterranean termite infestations.

Affordable Termite Repair in Roseville

After we’ve successfully killed or removed your termite problem, it’s time to start thinking about the types of termite repair in Roseville that you might need. Termites leave behind structural damage, nesting, and more that will require professional repair work. As luck would have it, however, the professionals here at Millennium Termite & Pest offer affordable, professional, and reliable termite repair in Roseville to help your home or business recover from a serious termite infestation.

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Termite infestations are no fun. They cause damage to your home and can cost thousands in repairs. So, if you have a termite infestation of any kind, then give us a call. Remember, when it comes to eradicating termites, Millennium Termite & Pest is the go-to Roseville termite company! Contact us and schedule a termite inspection today!