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The System We Use : Sentricon

The “Sentricon Baiting System:”

Our number one recommended method for eliminating termites is the “Sentricon Baiting System.” For the first time ever, you can wipe out termites where they live. Your weapon: the innovative Sentricon® Termite Free InspectionColony Elimination System from Dow AgroSciences. The Sentricon® System eliminates subterranean termite colonies, while being non-disruptive to property owners and tenants. It also provides proven, long-term protection against termite damage.

How the Sentricon System Works:

First, a trained and authorized professional with MILLENNIUM TERMITE & PEST installs Sentricon stations in the ground around the outside of the structure. The stations, which lay flush with the ground and contain wood-based monitoring devices, are checked regularly by the technician for termites.

When termites are detected, Recruit® termite bait is placed in the stations with termite activity. The termites establish the bait as a food source and encourage their nest mates to feed on it, eventually eliminating the colony. The bait is in the ground only when termites are present in the stations and colony elimination can be achieved with less than one ounce of termite bait. Recruit® termite bait, which was approved under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative, contains the insect growth regulator, Hexaflumuron. Hexaflumuron eliminates termite colonies by stopping the molting process required by termites to grow. The Sentricon® System takes advantage of natural termite behavior. Worker termites constantly forage far and wide, looking for wood to feed their colony. When they find food, like the monitoring device in a Baitube device, they leave special scent trails to summon their nest mates to the food source.

Once a colony has been eliminated, the bait in the station is replaced with the monitoring device, and our authorized professional regularly monitors all stations for new colonies that might enter the area. With the Sentricon® System, real peace of mind is found knowing that a termite colony can be eliminated and that ongoing inspections will protect a home from new colonies that may attack the structure.

The Sentricon® System has been tested nationwide by a number of universities and the United States Department of Agriculture. Protecting some of our nation’s most important structures, including the Statue of Liberty and the White House, it has been proven effective against all economically important subterranean termites in varying soil, climate and geographic conditions found across the United States, including Hawaii. Use of this technology is expanding globally and it is currently being used in the United States, Australia, France, Spain and Japan.