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At MILLENNIUM TERMITE & PEST, we are mindful that there are many alternatives in terms of locating good pest control companies. Our company understands that safeguarding your home and family is definitely a priority and we value the opportunity to earn your trust and business. Additionally, we are aware that, in the current environment, it is difficult locating a pest control company that provides first-rate service together with reasonable and fair prices. We have been dedicated to carrying out what we can to not only meet, but surpass all of your needs and expectations.

This philosophy has made us to one of the TOP 100 Pest Companies in the country!

OUR COMMITMENT We make every effort to eradicate the pests and insects that carry and transmit harmful diseases, at the same time “Protecting Life’s Biggest Investments… Your Home and Family.” In order to serve you even more, we are constantly examining the most up-to-date techniques for battling pests using the most revolutionary products on the market. Our specialists are mandated to successfully complete many hours of continuing education on pest control every year; so you can feel secure that they are well-trained and fully capable of handling any infestation or other pest control needs.


At MILLENNIUM TERMITE & PEST, we only recommend service that is suited to your specific situation. There are a wide variety of service options and service plans such as Monthly, Bi-Monthly and One-Shots. Also, if you have any concerns about using liquid products in or around your property, we have many options such as baits, gels, traps, dusting and granular products to take care of all your pest needs. Remember, we our here to serve you and your concerns are our concerns. Your service plan will be customized to you and your home’s specific needs based on a thorough inspection by one of our technicians.


  • Interior: During your first service, we will target the pests currently hiding in your homes cracks and crevices, including basements, crawl spaces, garage and attics.
  • Exterior: Since most pest problems start outside, your technician identifies and targets points of entry and lays down a protective barrier around your home to help keep unwanted pests out. This includes servicing the base of the entire exterior structure and not just the areas of concern.
  • Web Removal: We will clear the exterior of your property of those annoying spider webs up to the first story eves. This not only makes your property free of webs, it will also detour spiders away from your property.