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The Most Common Birds Handled by Our Roseville Bird Exterminators

There are four common species of pest birds throughout the Roseville area, including:

  • Woodpeckers:: While woodpeckers aren’t known to transmit any diseases to humans, they do, however, cause extensive property damage. One single woodpecker can peck over 12,000 times a day! That’s a lot of drilling little holes all over your gorgeous wood siding!
  • Pigeons: Pigeons like to live in groups that cause literal tons of pigeon droppings to accumulate wherever found. Additionally, pigeons carry more than 60 different diseases that are dangerous to humans. Some of those diseases include E. coli, St. Louis encephalitis, Salmonellae, and Candidiasis.
  • Seagulls: While not super common in Roseville, seagulls do occasionally make their way inland from the Delta. Nearly ninety percent of seagulls carry a strain of Enterococcus, which causes antibiotic-resistant severe infections (My Pest Management Professional).
  • Swallows: Just like woodpeckers, swallows aren’t known to carry many serious diseases. However, they do like to make mud nests on buildings that are quite difficult to remove. In other words, swallows can cause pretty severe property damage if left untreated.

Professional Roseville Bird Removal Services

There are three different techniques used in bird removal in Roseville, including:

  • Exclusion
  • Perch modification
  • Behavior modification

Typically, our bird exterminators in Roseville will use a combination of two or more of the previously mentioned techniques to help remove birds from your property. To enlist the services of our Roseville bird exterminators, contact us today!

Expert Bird Prevention in Roseville

After we remove the initial bird infestation from your property, we’ll employ one or more of the following Roseville bird prevention techniques:

  • Visual Impairment Devices: Birds tend to avoid flashing bright lights and predatory animals. So, using things like owl statues and flashing lights/shiny objects can go a long way towards preventing bird infestations.
  • Perch Spikes, Nets, and Other Modifications: Perch spikes and nets are pretty much exactly what they sound like: spikes and nets placed on common perch locations. These devices deter birds from landing and nesting wherever present.
  • Sound Deterrent Devices: These devices emit sounds of predatory birds to help prevent prey birds from returning to their nesting location.

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