Gold River Bee Control

Reliable Gold River bee control services, like removal and extermination (for some species), you can count on the pest experts here at Millennium Termite & Pest. Each of our pest management professionals has the training, experience, and local licensing required to handle any pest job we come across. Moreover, we’ve earned countless 5-star reviews from satisfied customers. We have even received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for our services. So, if you have a bee problem, then you’ve come to the right place! Contact our Gold River bee control experts to schedule a service call today.

The Several Types Of Gold River Bees

There are several different types of Gold River bees that our pest management experts regularly encounter in the area. They include:

  • Honeybees
  • Carpenter bees
  • Bumblebees

Each species has different characteristics and requires other methods of pest control. To learn more about the different species of bees in the area and what type of threat they pose to your home, check out our Sacramento pest page. It has all the bee information you could ever need.

Expert Bee Removal In Gold River

Whenever possible, especially when dealing with honeybees, our pest management professionals prefer to remove (relocate) bees instead of killing or exterminating them. After all, bees are essential to our food supply and ecosystem.

Yet, bees can also be quite dangerous. They swarm, sting, and many people are severely allergic to them. So, most people don’t like bees making their homes near their family and pets.

Our pest management professionals partake in what’s called Gold River bee removal services. During removal, our bee experts safely remove the bees from your property and relocate them (usually to a farm with active beehives). If you’d like to learn more about our bee removal services, please contact us. We’re always standing by to help.

Do You Need Gold River Bee Removal?

As we described above, we typically don’t recommend extermination for honey bees. When it comes to carpenter bees, however, extermination is your best option. Why? Because carpenter bees are solitary insects (they don’t live in colonies or hives). They also make their nests deep inside wooden structures (which causes potential structural damage to your home or business). Due to those two facts, your only options with carpenter bees are to either life with them or hire our Gold River bee exterminators.

Contact Our Gold River Bee Exterminators Today!

Here at Millennium Termite & Pest, we pride ourselves on going to the Gold River bee control company in the area. Each of our Gold River bee exterminators and pest control professionals is trained, experienced, and standing by to help with your bee problem. Don’t hesitate! Contact us for professional bee removal in Gold River today!